Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show



"The Bull"
Played by Joseph Dempsie

A 14-year-old apprentice blacksmith, already large and muscular for his age, with shaggy black hair and blue eyes. A very stubborn youth who often is at odds with his fellow apprentices, he has been training with the master smith Tobho Mott for most of his life.


The actor cast in the role is significantly older than the character as described, and is not so muscular as the character ought to be.


Season One

The young armorer was visited by Lord Arryn a few weeks before his death, and then by Lord Stark a few week before his own. Both asked questions about his mother, and both realized that he was a bastard son of King Robert. When Eddard was deposed, Tobho Mott for some reason sends Gendry away, insisting he join Yoren as a recruit for the Watch. There he meets and defends Arya Stark, whom he believes to be a street urchin looking to escape the city with the Watch.