Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Xaro Xhoan Daxos

Played by Nonso Anozie

A wealthy merchant prince of Qarth, Xaro is one of the Thirteen, a group of allied merchants in the ancient city. Slender, bald, and with a large nose decorated with coral and semi-precious jewels, as one of the Qartheen (who are called the “Milk Men” by the Dothraki”) he is also very pale. His manners are elegant, although easily moved to tears after the fashion of the Qartheen. He keeps beautiful boys and youths about him in his palace, and has no genuine interest in women.

The actor cast in the role doesn’t really match in any way to the character as described in the book, and we wonder how close his personality and even his goals in the show will match that of the novel. This is one of the most radical departures from the source material that the production has had. That said, Anozie is a gifted actor, and should do very well on screen.


Season Two

One of the Thirteen who rules Qarth, Xaro—revealed to be a Summer Islands immigrant who found his fortune in Qarth—sponsors the entry of Daenerys and her companions into Qarth, hosting them in his manse. He offers to wed her and give her half of his wealth if she does so. When his home is assaulted, with some of Daenerys’s companions slain and her dragons stolen, he calls the Thirteen to an emergency meeting. However, there he reveals that he and the warlocks of Qarth have conspired to make him King of Qarth; this revelation is followed by the slaughter of the Thirteen. Daenerys and her companions flee, only to confront the warlocks and win back her dragons. Entering Xaro’s home, they find him in bed with Daenerys’s former companion Doreah, who reveals herself as the traitor who slew Irri and stole the dragons. Daenerys takes Xaro and Doreah to Xaro’s great vault filled with riches… only to find it utterly empty, with Xaro’s legendary wealth all an elaborate lie. She locks Xaro and Doreah inside the vault, taking the key with her.