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Ser Jaime Lannister

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The infamous Ser Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer, in the living flesh. Wearing the Kingsguard armor that we’ve previously remarked on, we can now see him without his helmet and with his sword. The sword features a pommel with a lion’s head and a guard with a lovely gilded decoration wrapping around it like a vine. The hilt’s grip is quite interesting as far as the design goes, with a mixture of golden and pale details.

Other notable details include the golden scabbard, the golden sunbursts on his sword belt… and a further reminder of his Lannister affiliation: a red scarf (or, more likely, tunic) is peaking out above his doublet. It’s a shame that the Kingsguard garments underneath the armor wasn’t the pure white that’s described in the books, but perhaps it was felt to contrast too strongly with the armor (which was initially tested as a pure white, but was felt to come off poorly on camera).

Coster-Waldau’s hair here is clearly blond, but of a shorter cut than some might have wished. He does quite remind us of Michael Komarck’s well-regarded painting, however.

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