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The Winterfell set has been rebuilt at a new location in Northern Ireland, but you could hardly tell if it wasn’t pointed out. As to the characters seen in the courtyard… well, if you’re staring at it closely, you might pick out the fact that the shields of these men bear the kraken of House Greyjoy. And that the figure atop that low wall is none other than Theon Greyjoy. We believe the one at the base of that wall may be the character of Black Loren

Dagmer Cleftjaw, a famous Iron Islands warrior.

What to say about these ironmen? Well, we admit we noticed that the Greyjoy guard seemed to have a uniform look. In the novels, the ironborn are fairly inspired by the Vikings, and there’s actually little uniformity in terms of their dress and equipment. So, that’s a change, and we’re going to guess that we’re going to lose a bit of the character of the ironmen as ferocious, individalistic warriors.

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