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Artisans 05: Screencap 07

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Here we have another fantastic sketch, depicting a Dothraki warrior—or screamer, as they’re called—using a bow from horseback. The bow is of composite, recurved construction, just as described in the novels. His hair is braided, which is in keeping with the novels but in fact seems to have been changed for the TV series (the Dothraki warriors keep their hair long and then bind it with evenly spaced loops, without braiding it).

We can glimpse two hilts at his waist, one being a beaked hilt that probably belongs to a knife or dagger, the other probably the hilt of an arakh. However, as previously discussed, we’ve caught glimpses of the arakhs as actually depicted on the show, and they’re quite different from the short-hilted weapon glimpsed in this sketch.

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