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Behind the Scenes 01: Screencap 15

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More Dothraki, and in the very back—just barely discernable—the white horse carrying Daenerys, and besides her Ser Jorah Mormont. There seems a good deal of variation of Dothraki dress, from one horseman being almost entirely bare chested but for a leather strap and a piece of leather-seeming shoulder protection to another wearing a loose sort of tunic. We can’t make out if the lead horseman is Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) or not. We’re leaning towards his being one of Drogo’s bloodriders—boon companions and bodyguards sworn to him for life, closer to him than his own blood—with the distinct possibility that it is Qotho (the only bloodrider to rise above featured extra, apparently) played by Danish actor Dar Salim.

We rather like the detail of the saddle blanket, with its geometric design putting one in mind of countless tribal patterns from around the world. The bridle noticeably features a lack of a nose-band, a feature that is relatively late in our world. The leather reins may come off as a bit ordinary—braided leather or even rope or something of that sort would have been a nice touch here.

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