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Behind the Scenes 01: Screencap 38

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A great shot of the Mountain that Rides in his full armor. He is, perhaps too stereotypically, depicted all in black—a sure sign of an evil knight—but otherwise we can’t fault the armor design here. The great helm is just right, and could only have been improved by adding the fist he uses as a crest. They seem to leave his armor with the battered, hard-used look as it is described in the novels.

One detail we should note is that there seems to be a uniform lack of surcoats by knights in the series. Surcoats are an extremely common garment in the book, bearing the heraldic arms as it’s worn over armor. We would have thought that the production would have welcomed the option of putting characters in surcoats, thereby letting them cut corners as far as the underlying armor goes, but it seems that—at least for the tourney scenes—they have preferred to eschew them.

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