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Game of Thrones: S2 Renly 19

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Renly and Margaery, as Catelyn presents herself to the King in the South. Really, that’s quite a remarkable amount of cleavage Natalie Dormer has on display—is that supposed to be the fashion in the Reach? She’s nicely coordinated with Renly, at least, with soft green hues. And Renly is quite well matched with his gloves and boots in matching green leather, in contrast to his guards, who we’ve seen have more of a tan leather for their boots.

Speaking of guards, we see the one that sort of looked like he had sunflowers on his breastplate. A closer, clearer look here suggests it’s more of a generic flower or sunburst… but I’ll stick with sunflowers, just so I can pretend he’s Ser Emmon Cuy.

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