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Preview 02: Screencap 142

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The final, triumphant moment before the close of the teaser. We still don’t know what that orange banner is in the background (an interpretation of Hornwood seems possible

seems definite after Doc identified the sigil, but still somewhat strange), but if we’re not mistaken, behind the crowd of extras is a green screen—I expect we’ll be seeing some digital crowd replication and perhaps some digital backgrounds (a shot of King’s Landing looming in the distance, perhaps?

This moment is a bit different from the one described in the books, and in a way it’s a shame, because it’s a very chivalric sort of moment there. Here, it’s more dramatic and, dare I say it, bombastic. A shame, as I said, but a very small complaint here. Perhaps a more dramatic beat here was important, and we do love the energy that we’re seeing as the Knight of Flowers lifts the Hound’s hand, and how uneasy Sandor seems to be with such an acknowledgment of praise and gratitude.

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