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Preview 02: Screencap 42

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Nothing but love for this moment, this glimpse of two knights on the Street of Steel in their heraldic splendor with cloaks, the garment GRRM has told us is almost de rigueur in the setting. The further of the two knights, with the ermine field and a fox on top of it, must be a Florent. The other is less certain, but it makes us think just maybe of House Stout.

But they’re from the North, what are they doing in King’s Landing for a tourney? We think it may be them in part because I am pretty certain I saw the Stout arms among the many heraldic designs that had been interpreted for the series when I was at the production offices, and because there has been a report that arms very similar to that of the Stouts were in use for recent filming at Audley’s Castle for scenes involving the northmen.

Behind them one can glimpse some banners, including Bracken’s rearing red stallion.

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