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Production 01: Screencap 27

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An excellent look at King Renly, in golden armor—stealing a page from the novel’s Kingslayer, it seems! In the novels, Renly does have a magnificent suit of armor, but it’s of a deep, forest green color. This looks quite good, however. The antlered crown is not as described in the novel, where it’s said to be a golden circlet made to look like roses, with a stag’s head at the front made of green jade with golden eyes and antlers (again, uniting Baratheon and Tyrell colors and symbols).

The guard in back—who it turns out is none other than Brienne of Tarth, according to GRRM—seems to be wearing a cloak that matches what both the king and Ser Loras Tyrell were wearing earlier. The helmet style is a bit like the helmet of the goldcloaks in the TV series, a sort of burgonet sort of shape.

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