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Promo 02: Screencap 52

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The Dothraki wedding seen from above… and this time we see it’s not just a couple of dozen people celebrating it, but at least a part of the khalasar stretching out of sight on the ground rising up from the Azure Window, a famous landmark of Malta at Dwejra. The people on the rise are all added digitally, and are certainly digital actors. It’s the first hint we’ve had of the use of digital effects to make scenes contain more people than they actually do, but it’s an expected one.

What we really wonder is just how many more people we will see this way? Drogo’s khalasar numbered something approaching 100,000 (40,000 warriors and “uncounted” women, children, and slaves), but there’s no clear sign of whether they’re going to represent the khalasar as being quite so massive on screen.

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