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Teaser 03: Screencap 01

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Our very first shot in the teaser is a shot from the first episode featuring a prisoner being taken to a place of execution in a misty, starkly beautiful landscape. Winterfell guardsmen can be seen in profusion, as well as a direwolf’s head banner. Of course, Lord Eddard is never indicated to use anything but the full direwolf—it’s his son Robb who makes use of a direwolf’s head as a personal bage. However, that sort of variation is an unimportant point, and does basically keep within the rules of the setting.

The array of stones seem like they’re not there naturally, and may be a remnant of the First Men as we’ll see later. In the novel, this scene takes place outside a holdfast (a small, fortified refuge), and the late summer snows are not evident here.

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