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Teaser 04: Screencap 12

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Jon Snow looking quite dark and dangerous on the Iron Throne, with that sword in hand (not Longclaw, though one has in fact been made). This is our first, good look at Ghost, Jon’s direwolf. Some careful positioning and camera-work makes the animal look quite massive next to Jon, one notices, although it’s not clear how far that will be done in the series proper. Fortunately, the direwolves are relatively young in the first season, and need not be very large…

As you may be able to guess, Ghost is not in fact a direwolf, nor even a wolf. Regulations in the U.K. make it all but impossible to work with wolves or even wolf-hybrids, according to reports. The dogs used for the direwolves were instead chosen to have some resemblance to wolves, and any differences can be put down to the difference between wolves and the fictional direwolves of the setting. That said, a bit of suspension-of-belief is doubtless required.

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