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The Maester’s Path: Map

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The map included with the first part of the Maester’s Path promotion from HBO. See here for more information.

There are curiosities with the map: Storm’s End is too far inland, and there’s no House Arryn sigil, and the domain that the stormlands covers is marked out as a bit too substantial. In some cases, we assume them to be simple errors—these were all produced by a third-party company, and could well have made errors without any particular meaning. The lack of Dorne does not mean Dorne has disappeared from the TV show, it’s simply to focus attention on the relevant parts of the story in the first season—Dorne is mentioned in the show (for example, Tyrion mentions it at the breakfast scene in Winterfell).

The lack of the Arryn sigil, however, and the presence Greyjoy kraken instead, could well mean something—a clue of some kind?—but we’ve not the foggiest right now.

The Maester’s Path