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Director to Helm Two Episodes

Via Twitter, it’s apparently been revealed that an Irish television director, Brian Kirk—whose credits include episodes of The Tudors, Dexter, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire—is set to direct two episodes of Game of Thrones. In recent years, Kirk has been a regular nominee in the Irish Film and Television Awards for direction and for best single dramatic episode. This item of news comes from a tweet by Daragh Carville, a fellow native of Armagh in Ireland, who wrote Middletown, a 2006 film directed by Kirk.

Carville later tweeted that Kirk would begin work next week, presumably for pre-production. At a guess, the earliness at which he’s working suggests to us he may be directing some of the earliest episodes ... or he may, in fact, have as his first task the reshooting of the pilot.

This is the first director publicly attached to the series since Thomas McCarthy directed the pilot, although it’s been suggested that McCarthy may return to helm one or more episodes going forward.

UPDATE: HBO has confirmed to us that Brian Kirk is attached to the production as a director.

Jack Gleeson Film Clip

We have a short clip from a new film, All Good Children, which stars Jack Gleeson, the 17-year-old actor cast as Joffrey Baratheon in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The film has received some strong reviews with Variety particularly praising Gleeson, who played a 12-year-old in the film, stating that “Gleeson, with his massive blue eyes and anxious, ever-hopeful expression, is the pic’s big discovery.”

The clip from Vimeo below features a key scene mentioned in the review:

Thanks to Winter is Coming for pointing the clip out on Twitter.

Four Emilia Clarke Clips

A fan has posted up four clips covering Emilia Clarke’s scenes in her one professional television drama credit to date, an episode of the U.K.‘s daily soap Doctors which aired in August, 2009. The storyline has a bit of a creepy feel to it, and Clarke seems to handle herself very well with her fellow actors in the following scenes:

Emilia Clarke is Daenerys Targaryen

GRRM has confirmed that Emilia Clarke (with an e) has been cast as Daenerys. GRRM points to her resume page, which shows a number of theatrical productions for Drama Centre London. GRRM notes she provided some amazing readings, beating out a number of terrific actresses to land the part. A commercial, part of an anti-domestic violence campaign, featuring a very emotive Ms. Clarke, below the cut:

New Daenerys Cast

Maureen Ryan has confirmed that the role of Daenerys will now be filled by Emilia Clark, a British actress who has not been involved in U.S.-funded productions before, and we can’t seem to find any information on her at this time. She may be a genuine unknown, new to acting.

Ryan also gained confirmation of the start of principal photography as taking place in late July, back from the earlier late June plans, which we’ve reported on previously.

Mark Addy in Robin Hood

Mark Addy, cast as Robert Baratheon in HBO‘s Game of Thrones, will be appearing on screens around the world in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood this weekend. He’s cast in the role of Friar Tuck, a part that he tells the BBC he was offered after Scott saw him appear in the Red Riding trilogy. Close watchers of the casting process for Game of Thrones will recall that Red Riding also featured Sean Bean and Joseph Mawle from the production, and was cast by the pilot’s U.K. casting director, Nina Gold.

A still from the film featuring Addy can be found at Ace Showbiz.

Jason Momoa as Conan

The pictures from the Conan shoot in Bulgaria are flooding pretty much every geek film site out there, but we thought we might as well hop on the bandwagon and point them out, as some of them feature Jason Momoa in the titular role. He looks suitably barbaric, which is a good sign for his role as Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones and certainly even more muscular than when we last saw him at the pilot wrap party.

Will he retain that level of muscle tone for the reshoots? It’ll be interesting to see when the we get our first look at him as Khal Drogo in publicity stills as the air date approaches.

Sean Bean in Black Death

Sean Bean‘s starring in Black Death, a medieval action/horror film which opens late next month. The trailer’s just been released, and one notices that Bean probably looks pretty close to how he’ll look as Eddard Stark, beard and all:

Thanks, once again, to raijap for retweeting this one.

Minor Tidbits

Since the Dothraki news, new items on HBO’s Game of Thrones has been fairly thin on the ground, but here’s a small handful of tidbits for those interested: raijap on Twitter has pointed out that Birds & Animals UK, an animal handling and training service for film and television, lists the series in its credits. They may well be the source of the direwolf pups used in the shoot.

The_Rabbit kept up his busy searches and came across items listing Coral Messam and Kemi Durosinmi among dancers who apparently performed in Game of Thrones. They would have been among the wedding dancers in the Morocco shooting, and seem to be visible in the photos GRRM has shared which we linked previously when we rabbit pointed out a third dancer earlier in the month. A fourth, Kharis George, can be found here, via Winter Is Coming, who notes the Casting Call Pro site lists a number of extras who list their credits as evocatively as “Free Rider” and “Buxom Serving Wench”.

Another extra, David Blair, can be found here as being listed as a “Squire” in Game of Thrones; thanks to Phoenix Torn and Ninepenny at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum for pointing him out. And raijap finds yet another, pointing out a young actress by the name of Laura C. Knowles who’s first professional acting job was on the pilot. Whether she was an extra, or a named extra (Jeyne Poole seems likely, in that case), is a question; so too whether she’ll continue on in the series.

So, dancers and extras and animals is all we have right now. We’re still digging as to whether there’s more to be discovered yet, such as progress on casting.

Kit Harrington in Posh

Kit Harington, the actor cast as Jon Snow in HBO’s Game of Thrones, is presently playing in Posh, staged by the Royal Court Theatre in London from April 9th to May 22nd. The Royal Court Theatre has release a photo of the young actor in his role as Ed Montgomery. Two more photos, out of costume, can be found here and here.

A notable feature? His long hair, longer than at the Eason’s Signing (see last photo). According to those present, Harington said he wore a wig for filming but if the series recieved the greenlight he’d grow out his hair, and that does seem to be what he’s doing.

For those in the London-area who might want to see the play and report on Harington’s performance, there’s a review with some commentary.

Thanks to The_Rabbit01 for the tip.

Blonder Peter Dinklage?

At the premiere for his latest film, Peter Dinklage was sporting longer, blonder hair than is his usual wont. Now, we’ll note that he just wrapped filming in New Orleans on Earthbound with Kate Hudson, so the styling may be for that; or, just as easily, it’s his personal choice and has nothing to do with Game of Thrones (I’m told that highlighting your hair months out from a shoot is probably not the most effective approach).

But ... it’s interesting to speculate, because when we saw it, what immediately leapt to mind is the description of Tyrion’s beard as a mix of pale and dark hairs. While in the novel, the hair of his head is supposed to be a platinum blond, might the production find it easier to take Tyrion’s beard for the whole, and mix blonde highlights with Dinklage’s darker natural hair?

Thanks to trio at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum for the tip!

Dothraki Wedding Dancer

This Is Local London, a conglomerate of local newspapers, has posted a brief article concerning a 26-year-old dancer, Kelechi Nwanokwu, who appears in HBO’s pilot for Game of Thrones. It seems likely she is one of a number of dancers who performed in the Dothraki wedding scene, a scene we’re guessing was choreographed by Javier de Frutos. A picture of Ms. Nwanokwu and other dancers can be found at GRRM’s “Not a Blog”, when he posted about the wrap party in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Arya at her Needlework

GRRM has shared a great pair of photos showing Maisie Williams—cast as Arya Stark—posing with Valyrian Steel‘s replica of Arya’s sword, Needle. She looks very Arya-like, if we may say so! Valyrian Steel has two additional photos on their site

GRRM also confirms that filming commences in June in Northern Ireland. Not all actors may be in the area at that time, however, as Jason Momoa and Nikolai Coster-Waldau have both indicated they’re scheduled to start in early July.

Harry Lloyd Interviewed

Harry Lloyd is once again loquacious about his work in an interview in Re-Bel on pages 7 and 8. At the bottom of page 7, he directly discusses his role in the Game of Thrones pilot, and the following question discusses the possibility that being involved in such a major, American production could open doors to Hollywood. Nothing really new here, but it’s good to see actors involved in the show taking time to make sure people are aware of it.

Thanks to firestar267 for the tip!

Daenerys Casting Resumes

While this may be old news for some, we haven’t reported it up until now because we’ve had no official confirmation of any kind regarding it. We had contacted HBO about this immediately after the rumors based on Showfax’s new casting sides (pages of dialogue for use in auditions) had gone up. From our discussion with HBO, all we can say is that officially, HBO’s policy is to never discuss recasting or even rumors of recasting, and they’re unable to offer any information either confirming or denying recasting.

However, as we saw on Twitter, more than one actress has allegedly confirmed via Twitter that they are pursuing the role of Daenerys. So, we’ll take this as its being highly likely that casting is taking place for the role. However, we caution that we know nothing yet as to the reasons or the end results. Having read around a bit, there are possibilities that suggest that Tamzin Merchant remains the primary choice for the role, but additional casting is taking place as insurance against her departure for reasons unknown. While we agree that the likeliest supposition is that Merchant is no longer in the role, we’ll caution against taking this as an absolute certainty.

But if Merchant is out of the role, what does this mean? Well, it seems they’ll be forced to go back to Morocco—or build fresh sets in Belfast to represent it—to reshoot all the scenes there. As some may recall, GRRM indicated that a return to Morocco was a possibility but not a certainty. Starting the renewed production with major reshoots—on top of any new reshoots needed now that Michelle Fairley is in the role of Catelyn Stark—is not the greatest way to start a production, and may lead to a tight shooting schedule to begin with, but should be entirely manageable. Recasting is more the rule than the exception when it comes to pilots, and consequent reshooting goes hand in hand with that.

We’ll provide more information when we can.