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Making Game of Thrones: A Firey Sword

An interesting new post on the Making Game of Thrones production blog, discussing in detail the techniques used to create a fiery sword that will feature prominently in a scene in the third season. The details are mildly spoilerish, so I’d suggest not going there if you really want to have no idea whatsoever as to why a sword might be on fire in season 3. It’s pretty interesting reading, in any case, if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of production special effects techniques.

An Oral History of “Blackwater” has declared “Blackwater”—the George R.R. Martin-pennied, Neil Marshall-directed penultimate episode of season 2—the “Year’s Best Television Episode”.

It’s hard to make an argument against that (though Matt Weiner and Vince Gilligan can surely make them), but the honor does come with a very nice “oral history” of the episode, from its conception to completion, as told by executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss, as well as GRRM and Marshall. Some interesting details along the way, and it’s well worth reading.

However, we can say that one detail in the article seems to be an error—or, at least, was not sourced from the participants. Writer Brian Rafferty writes toward the end that “Martin is halfway” through the sixth novel. We contacted Martin’s office about this detail, to verify it, and have been informed that GRRM made no such statement. It may have been a misunderstanding or a mistaken assumption, but in any case, GRRM has not stated that he is “halfway” done with The Winds of Winter, the sixth novel of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

Making Game of Thrones: Mance Rayder

A brief but interesting update from the Making Game of Thrones production blog, discussing the fact that the introduction of Mance Rayder—played by Ciáran Hinds—was also Hind’s very first day of work, which was unusual. Daniel Minahan returns after his season 2 hiatus, as well, directing the first two epiodes of the season.

And, as a passing note, this confirms the return of Edward Dogliani as Rattleshirt, something which we didn’t really doubt, but hadn’t heard anything specific regarding it.

Season 3 Filming Wraps This Weekend

According to a report from Icelandic news site Visir, it looks like Game of Thrones filming will wrap on the 24th or 25th. That’ll be 138 or 139 days—four and a half months—since production started. And much of it at a dead run, with at least two units, and sometimes three, working in four different locations across that time span.

So, the last few days of the production are happening right now. And according to Cat Talor, today’s a “BIG day”. Hrm… !

Making Game of Thrones: Hints of Season 3

Over at the Making Game of Thrones production blog, an interview has been released with Jonathan Barrass, SFX floor supervisor who works with the Wolf and Dragon units that have been filming in the UK and will soon be filming in Iceland.

Some interesting bits are mentioned along the way regarding season 3 scenes that he’s working on. It’s all mysterious, but some of these are perhaps worth speculating about (beware spoilers from the third novel):

Game of Thrones Moves On to Iceland

With filming in Morocco a wrap, it’s time for the last leg of season 3 filming for HBO’s Game of Thrones. And where else, but not-so-sunny Iceland,

Via RÚV, we learn that filming is set to begin in the area of Kalfaströnd (seen in the image to the right, though rather earlier in the year) in the area of Mývatn. 270 cast and crew members are involved, including approximately 70 local extras. The article also seems to suggest that Dimmuborgir (what a terrific name—makes me think of Tolkien’s Dwimorberg) was being considered as an additional shooting location, although line producer Snorri Þórisson of local production company Pegasus Pictures believes this unlikely due to there being too much vegetation.

Þórisson adds at the end that there’s been talk of the production coming back to Iceland for a prospective fourth season.

Additional photos of the Myvátn region can be found over at Reykjavik Travel.

[Image Source: Klasar at Kálfaströnd / timandkris / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]


Making Game of Thrones: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Making Game of Thrones has a fun update with a lot of data about things both mundane and bizzare related to the production of Game of Thrones. It’s primarily focused on this season, but some numbers from past seasons do slip in…

Some of the ones we found more interesting were the amount of fur and leather used by the production (over 30,000 square feet!) and the number of frames shot to date (from October 5th, minus whatever was being shot in Croatia at the time ... which amounts to roughly 260 hours of footage, which would have to be sifted through, cut, and edited down to create not quite 10 hours of footage. And that’s with seven weeks of filming left, so one images there’d be even more footage by the time all is said and done.

The technical feat of organizing and doing all that is certainly a good reason why the show has won so many plaudits on the technical side. Can’t quite even imagine the logistics of it all…

A Round-up of This and That

News has slowed down as Game of Thrones hits the last stretch of production—filming in Northern Ireland is done, filming in Morocco (at Ouarzazarte, which Game of Thrones followers may recall as the location of some filming for the pilot which never saw the light of day) is wrapping, and a brief leg in Iceland will pretty much be the end of it—and we’ve not had very much to report… on the website, in any case.

Over the last week we have been sharing bits and bobs over our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages, and we thought we might as well give a quick round-up of some of the more interesting items for people to discuss and consider. These include a number of interviews, from executive producer David Benioff to writer/editor Bryan Cogman to actor Kit Harington, some miscellaneous photos from Morocco, and more. You’ll find them below:

More Glimpses of Season 3

Since our last report, more images have been pouring in from Essaouira, Morocco where some more filming has taken place. No real spoilers, but there’s some excellent photos of actors and extras alike at Mohamed Amine Lakaab’s photo set and a few new images courtesty of the Spanish-language Juego de Tronos fan site. Here’s a very brief video from the latter, showing Iain Glen (Ser Jorah Mormont) escorting Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) through the streets of Morocco.

Some comments below on some of the images.

A Look at Slaver’s Bay

While exterior filming in Belfast seems largely to be wrapping up—though a major event isn’t quite done filming, suggesting that what remains is interior shooting—filming has begun in Essaouira, Morocco where a significant part of Daenerys Targaryen’s story for the third season will be take place. Essaouira will stand in for the region of Essos known as Slaver’s Bay.

And, just like Dubrovnik, the fact that they’re filming in a city means that photographs of sets, props, and actors are starting to crop up. What follows are definitely a bit spoilerish, so be aware of that:

It’s a Nice Day For A…

So, Extras NI—the main casting agency for extras for the production—just put out this urgent call:

CELLISTS - brief:
- Seeking MALE only cellists. Must have experience.
- Ideally men with medieval or period faces (i.e long hair & beard) but not essential.
- ATTN: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) & include
—A clear & current photograph (if you have video footage, please include it/attach link)
—Your measurements including height, waist, chest & shoe size
—Your level of experience and/or CV

- You must be fully available for filming on the 15th through to the 19th of October. If successful, you will be contacted. Rate of pay will be confirmed at this point.

AMPUTEES - brief:
- ATTN: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) & include
—A clear and current photograph
—Your measurements including height, waist, chest & shoe size
—A clear description regarding where your limb is missing eg. at knee, at ankle, etc

- You must be fully available for filming on the NIGHT of October 12th.
- You must be OK and comfortable with filming a scene within the context of a battle where your leg has been injured. Prosthetic makeup will be applied as though your leg has newly been severed. We understand that this is not for everyone, so please only apply if you are happy to participate.

From Dubrovnik to Morocco

At the end of last week, the Game of Thrones production wrapped up its time in Dubrovnik, but the media there got quite a lot of video and pictures which may be of interest.  Here’s a sampling:

The video below is particularly interesting because we glimpse a scene being shot, featuring Sibel Kekilli, Sophie Turner, Aidan Gillen, and Esme Bianco, which we think must be a scene from episode 1 given an interview with David and Dan that seems to be done the same day.

New Stills from Season 2 feature the Death of Irri

Here’s an interesting photo gallery: stills from the second season taken by Paul Schiraldi, one of the on-set photographers for Game of Thrones (and a number of other HBO shows, past and present, by the looks of it).

Among the many stills never seen before? This one, taking during a scene that was cut, featuring the murder (by strangling) of Irri. It was something left vaguely mysterious and unclear, though by the final episode the implication was clear enough—but now we can see just how the first thought of staging the scene.

(Thanks to Kissed by Fire for pointing it out.)

Game of Thrones Storms Dubrovnik

Filming for season 3 of Game of Thrones has begun in Dubrovnik, and as usual with filming there, the local press gets quite a lot of scoops—it’s hard to hide what you’re doing in a small, busy city filled with historic sites. The Dubrovnik Times already reported on early filming involving boats and a special (expensive) camera rig for shots on the water.

More notably, however, have been our very first glimpses (English article hereof the lead actors in costume, as Aidan Gillen, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Jerome Flynn, and Daniel Portman were led through the streets and up hills to a filming location. Of particular note in the article’s accompanying photo gallery? Aidan Gillen’s costume looks much the same… but Peter Dinklage is sporting a prosthetic scar, and Lena Headey has a brand new dress (gorgeous fabrics) which may reflect Michelle Clapton’s remark in Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones that there’s a new trend-setter at court now in the form of Margaery Tyrell; the scoop top of the gown certainly reminds one of the more extreme dress last season.

Heard on the Set

A new and somewhat mysterious entry at the Making Game of Thrones production blog, as we get a random sampling of quotes overheard on the set. Doubtless as consolation for Game of Thrones scoring nil at the Prime Time Emmys (though, with 6 Creative Arts Awards, it turned out to be the drama with the most individual awards by the end of the show), but there’s some interesting bits.

The muddy sinkhole would almost surely be the quagmire that is the Maghermorne Quarry where scenes for Castle Black (and some other things) have been shot. And the cave built inside Paint Hall… well, there’s a couple of things that could be, if they’re sticking to the books. I’ll leave that up to you, though!