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Amazon’s Season 3 Exclusive

Season 3 of Game of Thrones won’t be released on Bluray and DVD until next year, per usual HBO practice, but that doesn’t mean that HBO isn’t interested in whetting the appetite of fans of the show. The latest volley? has revealed its exclusive Bluray set. Not only does it also include the full Bluray set, as well as (barebones) DVDs, but it features a pretty remarkable, sculpted packaging that you can see here:

HBO sends the following information, describing the sculpted package:

In this limited edition sculpture, Daenerys’s dragon from the season 3 poster art takes center stage with its impressive wingspan and a highly detailed tail, which wraps around the core of the piece. Created in durable heavy weight material, the highly textured collectible is finished with a weathered
patina evoking the feel of Westeros and a bygone era. The collectible also contains a hidden compartment which houses The Complete Third Season.

The limited packaging of course comes at a premium… but you can always order the regular Bluray and DVD sets at the more usual price (Pre-order: US Bluray, UK Bluray, UK DVD), if that’s more your speed. That packaging does look rather stunning, though, so it should be very tempting to quite a few fans.