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On the Set of Season 4

Now that the trailer is out, it’s no great surprise that HBO has started providing more material for fans to feast their eyes on. First up? A brand new entry in the “On the Set” series of videos, this one introducing season 4 to fans as it zooms about the four countries in which the past season was filmed, talks to executive producers and other key members of cast and crew alike, and gives us a few glimpses of some new locations and characters.

The video is embedded below:

Nothing really extraordinary in this, but some little details that are spoiler protected:

Knights of the Vale in a scene being shot in Iceland, and it seems Brienne will be in that area—both with a new sword and new armor.  And Arya will be there as well in Iceland, though we’ve known that previously. We’re guessing that Brienne and Arya might somehow cross paths. A glimpse of what’s certainly Mark Gatiss as Tycho Nestoris in what must be the Iron Bank of Braavos—showing that Stannis and Davos will be going there directly, apparently, as a means of fleshing out what Stannis is doing while the the end of the season awaits his arrival at the Wall.  Some more glimpses of Oberyn twirling his spear around like a drum major leading a band (no, sorry, can’t get behind this sort of stuff) and it seems that Gregor will start the duel with a helmet on, though we can see he’ll lose it along the way. Some more glimpses of the Meereenese throne room set in the Belfast studio, as well.