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Game of Thrones Forum FAQ

Adam Whitehead, aka Werthead, of the Wertzone and the A Song of Ice and Fire forum has posted a lengthy and detailed FAQ for the forum’s Game of Thrones series section providing answers to common questions regarding the production. You can find it at the forum.

The A Song of Ice and Forum has over ten years of history in various iterations, and is the largest George R.R. Martin fan community on the internet. Besides sections devoted to the novel, it also hosts a forum for the Brotherhood without Banners, an unofficial fan club with members from around the world who regularly meet at conventions.  Its general literature section has made a name for itself as a notable site for interesting discussion of science fiction and fantasy literature, and has played host to a number of noteworthy SF/F authors such as Daniel Abraham, Scott Lynch, R. Scott Bakker, Richard Morgan, and some bloke named Joe Abercrombie. Finally, the section specifically devoted to the TV series is regularly updated with the latest news, and has been regularly visited by individuals connected to the forum, including executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

New members to the forum—lurkers or active contributors, it doesn’t matter—are always welcome!