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Exec on Game of Thrones Reshoots

Michael Lombardo, president of HBO, has remarked to the Hollywood Reporter about the fact thatGame of Thrones will be ready to air at about the same time as Treme‘s second season, which the cable channel ordered with remarkable haste after having just aired the debut episode.  In speaking about Game of Thrones, he goes on to say, “It looks beautiful, the compelling scripts are just fantastic, we’re doing re-shoots but nothing major… The show is there.” The re-shoots were expected to deal with Michelle Fairley’s replacement of Jennifer Ehle in the role of Catelyn Stark.

The “nothing major”, however, is interesting. Given recent news, there’s the possibility of some decidedly major re-shooting in the near future… or is there? As we indicated in our original post, we recommend caution for those assuming with a certainty that the role of Daenerys has been recast. On the other hand, if they’re still searching for Daenerys, we suppose it’s true that there’s nothing major about the current reshoots… but Lombardo may be aware that future re-shoots may be much more significant.