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So, for the last several days I’d been compiling links to every review, for one great big review post… but, forget it, check out Metacritic instead, it’ll have some of the highlights (however, listen to Myles McNutt when he tells you to ignore the arbitrary metascore). Of particular note are this long review from James Poniewozik, a fan of the novels, and this one from Alan Sepinwall, who hasn’t read the novels.

On the other hand, we should probably highlight the controversy that Game of Thrones sparked, when two critics spent far more time complaining about the genre and its fans (including implying that there can’t possibly be many women interested in watching or reading something like the series) than they did actually reviewing the series itself. Tony Patterson at Slate and Ginia Bellafante New York Times win plaudits for stirring up controversy, if nothing else. Ms. Bellafante’s sexist attitude was especially enraging to most “geek girls”, and I can attest to Twitter being absolutely filled with dialog about it. Geek Femme and Geek Mom gave two excellent responses to Ms. Bellanfate, while today we have Daniel Abraham at Orbit and Matt Zoeller Seitz remarking on both reviewers in terms of their allowing genre bias to get in the way of their job as rviewers.

So, we’ll leave that for reviews, except that we must absolutely plug Todd VanDerWerff and Libby Hill’s podcast, “Television on the Internet”. The last half hour of Episode 59 is dedicated to Game of Thrones. It’s very good, with a nice casual style and some excellent back-and-forth. Both like it, and both have worthwhile things to say about it.

Below are links to interviews and some interesting articles related to the series, which premieres tomorrow:

  • NPR: A good commentary
  • MSN Entertainment: Contrary to Ms. Bellafante, this one’s focused on just why women do love this sort of work
  • The Daily Beast: A lexicon and character guide by series fan Jace Lacobs.
  • The Hollywood Reporter: Cool factoids involving various figures. Enjoyable for the geeks!
  • The Atlantic: Five separate contributors, five separate commentaries. Great stuff from one of the best editorial publications in the U.S.
  • Entertainment Weekly: James Hibberd reports that executives are pretty confident about a second season, but they’ll wait to see the ratings numbers coming in before making an official decision.
  • TV Guide: TV Guide gives a few reasons for why you can skip the books. We don’t recommend it, but it makes some good arguments as to why you might want to wait a bit.

And then, here’s a few interviews: