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Game of Thrones S2 to Premiere April 2 in UK

Sky Atlantic in the UK has just announced the fact that the second season (or series, as they say in the UK) of Game of Thrones will air just one day after the US premiere, April 2nd at 9PM.

As they note, that’s less than 24 hours from the U.S. premiere, just like last year. It’s an impressive example of Sky and HBO working together to minimize delays. And to head off arguments… airing simultaneously—which would mean airing the show at 2 AM—just isn’t economically feasible, as Sky Atlantic is partially supported by ads, and having the first airing take place at a relatively “dead” hour just doesn’t make any sense. 9PM on Mondays places the show squarely in prime time.

And will, no doubt, lead to fewer sleep-deprived zombies entering the workplace come Monday morning.