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HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Game of Thrones in Latin America and Scandinavia

Two sets of territories announced their air dates the other day. First off, HBO Latin America has given fans in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean a wonderful surprise: Game of Thrones will premiere on April 1st, exactly the same as the premiere date in the U.S.! Ah, the wonders of being a corporate subsidiary. This goes for Brazil, too, for the Brasilianos out there. ;)

And over in Scandinavia, Canal+ has revealed their air date: May 2nd, about a month after the U.S. premiere. Sadly, this is actually a long span of time than their first season premiere in relation to the U.S. air date, and we can only assume the problem lies in Canal+ being unable to change around its scheduling for the particular day and time they’d like to run the show on. It’ll be a long, hard wait for those of us in the frosty North, but it does dovetail beautifully with Sweden’s SVT airing of the first season beginning next week; the finale should be almost exactly a week prior to the premiere of the second season on Canal+.