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Making Game of Thrones: Invitation to the Set

Another new video giving a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the second season of Game of Thrones... and this one’s particularly interesting as it contains a few glimpses of some things (and people) we haven’t seen before:

The most notable bits? They’re toward the end. First, Robb is speaking with a woman whose back is to the camera… and that’d be the Jeyne, played by Oona Chaplin. And the other? That’d be Tyrion Lannister holding up a glass container holding a mysterious green liquid that actually looks like it’s glowing; that must be the show’s take on wildfire.

Oh, and unless I’m mistaken, we see Roxanne McKee in an earlier shot—which suggests Doreah is surviving rather longer on the TV show than she is in the novel.

That, and more, can be found in the video, which is certainly worth watching through a couple of times, if for nothing else than some more glimpses at the Harrenhal set.