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Game of Thrones to Film in Morocco

As we reported last week, we now know that director David Nutter is set to direct the final two episodes of season 3 with the help of cinematographer Robert McLachlan. The article in which this news was revealed indicated that Morocco was going to be a filming location for the third season. We cast some doubts on it, but couldn’t rule it out…

But now this lengthy piece about McLachlan and his involvement in the series goes a step further and provides us a direct quote:

“I just received the schedule for the show and they’ve got units going in Morocco and Croatia and Ireland, and indoors and outdoors, and logistically I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s incredible,” says McLachlan. “It’s absolutely gigantic.”

So, there you go. Season 3 seems set to use Morocco for exterior locations, and perhaps some interiors as well, according to McLachlan. That’s almost certainly all for Daenerys’s storyline in that season and, presumably, the prospective season 4. As to no Iceland in those last two episodes, this tells us that they’ll be done using Iceland before that once things have shifted back to the area around the Wall.

Read the whole article while you’re at it, as it discusses the scope of the production and many other aspects of the film and television industry.