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Making Game of Thrones: Hints of Season 3

Over at the Making Game of Thrones production blog, an interview has been released with Jonathan Barrass, SFX floor supervisor who works with the Wolf and Dragon units that have been filming in the UK and will soon be filming in Iceland.

Some interesting bits are mentioned along the way regarding season 3 scenes that he’s working on. It’s all mysterious, but some of these are perhaps worth speculating about (beware spoilers from the third novel):

  • “I do like fire. I’ve been asked to do 20-foot rings of fire, with flames that reach 20 feet in the air.” He’s started working on the show from the 2nd season, so this wouldn’t be the funeral pyre at the end of the first season, anyways
  • ”(we pause here as David calls a take and the Wildings jump a 4-foot wall)”
    Given that this is for episode 9, I’m guessing this would be the battle for Castle Black.
  • “Laurence Harvey in the workshop turned this bit of aluminium into this flaming sword that ignites from nothing. It’s amazing. I think more than anything, I’m looking forward to seeing that fight scene play out.”
    Beric vs. the Hound, I expect.
  • “Then next week, we have this huge challenge coming up with a massive amount of gas. There may be some burning; there may be a lot of burning, in fact.”
    Hrm! Lots of fire… that sounds like the firing of the tents at the Red Wedding, perhaps.