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HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


HBO Year End Video Features Game of Thrones

As has started to become something of a habit for HBO’s Game of Thrones, it gets something like pride of place in their end of season trailers that promote both what came before (such a shame that Luck seemed to deserve only a split second glance of Dustin Hoffman—that was a beautiful show) and also what’s to come. It gives us a handful of new glimpses of season 3 of the show, starting around the midpoint (but beware, some of the content may be considered spoilerish if you’ve not read A Storm of Swords):

One scene in particular, the first new one, bears a note (yes, we’ll be screencapping these for our Gallery:

Daenerys in front of her newly-acquired Unsullied is very clearly carrying one of the Ghiscari scourges, the whips that are emblems of the rule of the slavers over their slaves. It looks quite nice, and given images we’ve seen from Morocco, it almost certainly features a harpy which is another symbol of the Ghiscari who are descended from the Old Empire of Ghis.