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Episode 7 Retitled: Autumn Storms Becomes Chains

Via George R.R. Martin and his “Not a Blog”, we learn that episode 7 of season 3 has been retitled. As we noted earlier in the week, it was called “Autumn Storms”, but it will now be titled “Chains”. It’s a title Martin says he likes rather more, noting it has literal and metaphorical meanings:

It was formerly “Autumn Storms,” which I never much liked… but the episode did have a lot of rain in it.

The rain went away. So did the title.

The episode is now “Chains.” I like that better. And it works on both a literal and metaphorical level.


Regarding the rain remark, some spoiler protection:

So it looks like the near-constant rains in the mid-part of the novel didn’t manage to transpire in Belfast when they were filming, so they seem to have done without. Shame, that, as it was a great bit of atmosphere, but there’s only so much one can do if the weather’s not cooperating and you’re not sure you’ve the time budgeted to keep setting up rain machines, we suppose.