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Dean-Charles Chapman in Season 3

Back in October, we stumbled across the fact that young actor Dean-Charles Chapman had a role in season 3 of Game of Thrones, as revealed by his talent agency. We did some digging, got some fairly solid leads as to who he might be playing, and we dutifully asked for confirmation. We were informed that that wasn’t possible, so we let it lie and, I admit, rather forgot about it. Since his casting has been more widely publicized, we’ll share what we learned back then:

Sources indicated to us that Chapman will be playing a young Lannister prisoner. We’re told that there were two of them on hand for filming of season 3, based on two characters from the novels named Tion Frey and Willem Lannister. The names may be changed, and we’re guessing this means that both will be Lannisters rather than confusing viewers with the Frey-Lannister marital ties that exist in the novels but which have so far gone unmentioned on the show. At a guess, the reticence to confirm his casting would be in hopes of keeping viewers in the dark of the importance of the character… but fans of the novels will certainly know what’s going on.

Chapman is a talented young actor, perhaps best known for his role in the theatrical production of Billy Elliot, where he played the lead role. He also starred in the CBBC program The Revolting World of Stanley Brown, where he was the titular character. A clip featuring him can be found below: