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A Dastardly Casting Clue

Perhaps the most elaborate casting clue yet has cropped up on GRRM’s “Not a Blog”, involving a fake book cover, with a fake title, fake blurbs and quotes, a fake author…

What to make of it? We were left scratching our heads, but a clever fan got a cigar from GRRM by figuring out that the photo is of actor Morgan Deare, who plays a character named Horatio King in the film The Callback Queen. Can’t figure out anything about his role—is he the actor cast? It seems unlikely, because Deare is very much an American, and in fact does voiceover work in which he’s noted for his “authorative American” sound. Not to say he couldn’t do a British accent, but… If he were in it, who would he be? Salladhor Saan? Xaro Xhoan Daxos? Hrm.

However, while digging around, we came up with an interesting fact. Could his role in the film be someone who’s inspired by someone else? Such as the lead actress, Irish-born Amy Joyce Hastings, who was sporting some very red hair for that particular role? Her looks would not be bad for Melisandre…

ETA: We see that others have had the same idea. Lets see what GRRM says as more people bring the possibility up in comments.

UPDATE: It’s definitely Amy Joyce Hastings! Check this post from last year, when we found a video of hers on Vimeo featuring her audition for the role of Doreah. Follow through—the video is now private, but notice the name details? 22:22 Productions!

She “inspired” Horatio King, so I’m going with Melisandre here, but some are thinking Ygritte.