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After Elton Interviews GRRM & Weiss

We’re guessing this is from the TCA winter press tour, as no date is provided. After Elton, a pop culture site with a focus on topics of interest to gay men, has comments from executive producer D.B. Weiss and creator George R.R. Martin concerning the sexuality of characters in Game of Thrones. Read the extended text for possible spoilers.

We’ve previously reported reports that Ser Loras and Lord Renly would be given more attention in the series, with a notable scene between the two—filmed, as it happens, right when I was visiting the set in late October—airing mid-season. The article suggests that viewers should understand the relationship of the characters although it’s unclear if the reference to the third episode That’s an earlier introduction for the Knight of Flowers than in the novels, we note, but not out of left-field—he’s certainly involved in one minor event that happens around Lord Stark’s arrival in King’s Landing, but simply isn’t present.