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Aidan Gillen Interviewed

The Irish Times has published a profile of Aidan Gillen, the Irish actor cast in the role of Lord Petyr Baelish, better known to fans as Littlefinger. Gillen was a popular fan choice for the role, after his stellar work in such series as the original Queer as Folk and The Wire. The interview is largely focused on another project, Love/Hate, but Game of Thrones is referred to when his current facial hair is brought to the reader’s attention:

The facial hair he is sporting is for a role in the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones (billed as “ The Sopranos in Middle Earth”), currently shooting in Belfast.

His character, Petyr Baelish, is a shadowy, mercurial figure. “So I based this look on Peter Mandelson circa 1984,” he says.

For those not familiar with U.K. Politics, Peter Mandelson was a television producer who rose to prominence with his involvement in the Labour party. He was one of the first individuals described as a “spin doctor” in the U.K., and earned the sobriquet of “the Prince of Darkness.” He did indeed wear a mustache in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Gillen’s remark suggests that the specific look for Petyr is his interpretation, which is interesting.