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Blackwater Sneak Peek Tonight

Of course, it’s “The Prince of Winterfell” tonight at 9PM Eastern, and that promises to be an interesting episode… but for many fans, the episode that’s been looming first and foremost all season long has been “Blackwater”, penned by one George R.R. Martin. It promises to be an epic episode.

So epic that HBO is releasing a special promo for the episode this Sunday at 10:01 Pacific… or 1:01 Eastern on Monday, and it should be available online via, Making Game of Thrones, and of course the official Youtube channel. So, yeah, check that one out. ;) We’ll probably be getting up early tomorrow just to get a peek at it.

Oh, and so epic, that in the lead up to it, no screeners have gone out to us (and possibly to others), not even for “The Prince of Winterfell”. So our usual coverage is set for Monday afternoon at the earliest, time permitting. Until then, enjoy the episode!