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Call for Season 2 Extras

Extras NI has put out the call for extras for the second season of Game of Thrones. The salient details of how to register your interest are in the post, but we should stress that if you aren’t based in Northern Ireland, there’s simply no chance. As always, what they’re looking for is always fun. Last year, it was clear they were looking for Dothraki. This year? Lets see….

- Archers, swordfighters or re-enactors and people with military experience
- Blacksmiths & Iron Workers
- Skilled building tradespeople
- Farmhands
- Ship/Deck hands and sailors
- Butchers/Hunters

The sailors and deckhands of course relate to the heavy presence of naval affairs in the second novel. And butchers and hunters, it turns out, are always useful for helping to bring a bit of verisimilitude to scenes. The various smiths and tradespeople… that leads to a thought or two, as well. Should be interesting!