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Carice Van Houten Strikes Again

... in another interview, that is, this time with NY Magazine’s Vulture. There’s some spoilers in there, so beware if you want to stay unspoiled. Here’s the most spoilerish bit, and some speculation below:

“It’s so funny to work with him again. And this time, I get to throw him in a prison. But I better not say too much about Game of Thrones, or Mr. HBO will kill me.”

Hrm! She’s referring to something from A Storm of Swords—does it mean it happens this season instead? They have said some elements from S3 do get pulled into S2. Alternatively, someone’s informed her of that part of the story, or she’s stumbled across it…

I do love her frank remark about being told that Melisandre gets killed, I must say.