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Contest: Depict Barristan the Bold

This past weekend was Titancon in Belfast, and according to all reports, it was a smashing success. A few of the guests from the first Titancon made an appearance again…. and a few new ones appeared. Among them? Ian McElhinney, Ser Barristan the Bold himself, who revealed that he is indeed getting ready to film for season 3.

Thanks to Ian and his nephew Manfonse, we have three signed photos from Ian to give away, and we decided to try a new contest format: fan art. The contest will run for 7 days (why 7? Do you need to ask?), and we’ll announce winners shortly afterward. So, to be clear, last entrys will be at 11:59PM, October 2nd—anything coming after will be disregarded, alas. Winners will be contacted for mailing information and (hopefully) personalization requests


Ground rules: the artwork has to depict Barristan Selmy, or be related to him in some way, and—yes—it has to be your original work. It can be funny, it can be a doodle in the corner of a dog-eared copy of A Game of Thrones,it can be typographic or surrealist or caricature, and so on and so forth… but it has to be your own work. Simple enough. We’ll try and display all the entries into the competition, while we select our three favorites. Please respect copyright and do not source art from others without permission (HBO’s official publicity images are okay for use, from what we’ve understood in discussing related issues with them in the past, but obviously some creative input must come from you!)

Entries can be submitted via mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), via Facebook comments (below), via Twitter to @westerosorg (please add the tag #Barristan), or to our Google+ Page.

Stuck on what to depict? Well, here’s my discussion of Barristan the Bold and his history on Youtube that might provide some ideas: