Game of Thrones

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GRRM Teases a New Cast Member

A fresh clue!

Elmo is a fibber and a drubber and a jock. He’s whispered to horses and conversed with dogs. A diamond in the rough, he is, but no pinhead.

The reference to Elmo makes me think this may be teasing the role ofthe torturer called the Tickler in the novels. Creepy. Looking at the clues, fans have quickly surmised that they’re referring to Anthony Morris, an Irish actor who’s played someone known as Drubber Dockery, someone else called Zippy (hence ‘not a pinhead’, referring to the Zippy the Pinhead comic strip), had a part in an episode of Killinaskully titled “The Horse Whisperer”, and was in a film named Rough Diamond. That seems pretty solid to us, especially given his agency page noting, “Anthony will be seen in season two of HBO’s masterpiece ‘Game of Thrones’.”