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Game of Thrones Directors Revealed

The full list of directors for the second season of Game of Thrones has been revealed, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter‘s report on feature director Neil Marshall (perhaps best known for cult horror classic Dog Soldiers) joining the crew. He joins the previously-reported Alan Taylor (who, so far as we know, is still set to direct 4 episodes this season) and David Petrarca.

Also revealed are two other names, which we hadn’t had connected to the show previously: veteran TV director David Nutter (he’s directed episodes of The Sopranos, The Pacific, and Entourage for HBO, as well as Smallville, ER, and Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicle) and first season cinematographer Alik Sakharov. HBO has directly confirmed these to us, so that’s quite solid.

Five directors this season, with Taylor originally slated for four episodes… that doesn’t seem quite right, does it? If I had a guess, Taylor’s committment has been reduced by an episode or two, something that we’re looking into.