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Game of Thrones Scream Awards Nominations

HBO’s Game of Thrones is gearing up for the Emmy Awards, with the Creative Arts Awards (in which category the show has a number of nominations) being held on the 10th, and the primetime event taking place on the 18th. However, the awards season comprises more than just the Emmys. For example, there’s Spike TV’s popular Scream Awards (which are devoted to genre film, television, and comics).

In fact, the show has done very well for itself with these awards—of the 14 categories in which it was eligible, it’s scored 7 nominations! Selected by a distinguished panel of judges (including Neil Gaiman, Damon Lindelof, Darren Aronofsky, Matthew Vaughn, and more), the show has been nominated in the following categories: Best TV Show, Best Fantasy Actor (Sean Bean), Best Fantay Actress (Lena Heady), Best Supporting Actor (Peter Dinklage), Breakout Performance Female (Emilia Clarke), Best Ensemble, Most Memorable Mutilation (Head Covered in Molten Gold), and the top category, The Ultimate Scream (which means it’s also up against a number of Hollywood blockbusters).

The award is given out on October 15th, but until then, there’s the matter of voting—yes, you, the fans, vote for these awards from among the selected nominees. Just head on over to Spike’s award page and start voting.