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Game of Thrones on Salon’s Mid-Year Must-Do List

The praise for Game of Thrones over at continues, with the series being placed on their “2011 - Best So Far” list. Critic Matt Zoller Seitz—who has thoroughly lauded the series —writes a brief comparison to AMC’s The Killing, how differently the two shows were received by critics to begin with, and how superior the show was to its time-slot competitor on AMC. Here’s the closing sentences:

“Thrones,” meanwhile, felt like fantasy fiction’s answer to the first two “Godfather” films, with bleak, often ironic commentary on love, sex, family and power, plus warring kingdoms, barbarian Bacchanals, secret incest, slumbering supernatural menaces, undead stalkers, assassinations, beheadings and dragons’ eggs that were ported about from episode to episode like big green plot grenades.