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HBO Store Exclusive Sale

Ahead of the finale, HBO wanted to show their appreciation for the fans at for their support of the show… and so they’ve let us know a day early that they’re bringing back to their 20% off sale at the HBO Store!

Game of Thrones Hodor T-Shirt

They’ve added quite a few new items in the last days, including the very cool Hodor shirt you see on the right, a Khal Drogo portrait shirt, and a “Daenerys, SPOILER of SPOILERS” shirt that maybe could have waited one day… but, hey, with the special sale and all, why not?

Get your shopping done before the finale,with a nice discount on top. To get the discount, just put GOT20 into the promotion code box at checkout. We’re told the sale will last through the 26th, so no rush… unless that Hodor shirt sells out before you can buy it. Why wait?

You can also visit our own Store page, which includes much of the same catalog of items, plus some and alternatives (without that 20% off applicable, of course) when available.