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HBO and Miso Partner for Sideshow Challenge

HBO has partnered with social TV app creator Miso for the Game of Thrones Superfan Sideshow Challenge, inviting fans of the TV series to view, vote on, and even create Sideshows, a “second screen” experience which allows fellow fans to watch an episode of the series while viewing the Miso for iPhone app to see interesting facts, notable quotes, and polls that get fans to become more engaged in what they’re watching. The top producers of Sideshows—according to votes through the app or

HBO got in touch with Linda and I, asking us for to help launch the availability of Game of Thrones Sideshows by providing one for episode 2, “The Kingsroad”, which we were all too glad to do. It was an interesting experience, and we hope the fans of the series find some of the details we point out interesting or amusing!