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Check this out, folks!

The other day, a sharp-eyed fan noticed that Maester’s Path briefly revealed that this coming Monday’s 4th link was symbolized by a hand, which—given the sense-based theme—seemed a sure sign that “touch” would be a theme. And now it looks like they’ve rolled out an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app to go with it. Here’s a hint of what it’ll provide:

Choose a location in this weather-driven storytelling app (or use your built-in GPS locator) and view a scene from Westeros (and beyond) that matches the current weather of that location, whether snow, rain, sun or fog. Users also can select multiple locations and simply swipe between them to see a range of scenes, accompanied by onscreen temperature and time.

Suffice it to say, we’re jealous of those who happen to own a compatible Apple device. If you’ve got one, check it out, and report back on what you see when you play with it!

For those who might be concerned, this is a bit of entertainment to whet the appetite—it will not be necessary for successfully completing the Maester’s Path 4th link, which Campfire‘s Steve Coulson has promised will be the toughest challenge yet.