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Icelandic Media Visit Set

Thanks to a tip, we’ve found this article by Freya Gígja Gunnarsson of the Icelandic paper, Fréttablaðið, in which she reports on a visit to the set near Svínafell glacier where they were able to watch Kit Harington and talk to some of the production crew. And as a treat, the article gives us our first look at Jon Snow‘s costume for Season 2, and a separate video report with more shots of Harington, and snippets from Benioff & Weiss. The report starts at the 1 minute mark.


There are some interesting details along the way. It seems the next day’s shooting (today’s, presumably) would be at Höfðabrekkuheið, which certainly looks quite amazing. One of the linked photos in the Google gallery is quite old, depicting a set from the Gerard Butlery Beowulf & Grendel, and probably isn’t around anymore.

Perhaps the most notable detail comes part way down: Iceland would be used more in a prospective third season, and there’s even the possibility of a brief shoot taking place there in the summer. At a guess, Iceland in the summer might be used to provide a landscape for characters journeying in more barren (but less wintery) locations in the North, but that’s just a guess.

Amusingly, the article notes that Kit Harington looks like a star… and was rather shorter than the reporters expected. Which, one supposes, is fair enough; they’re pretty tall on Iceland.

Finally, to illustrate the size and scope of the production—which we’re told encompasses about 140 cast and crew members—three hotels in the vicinity of Svínafell have been taken up by the production, and forty trucks are involved for ferrying people, equipment, and props around. It seems that about 200 million Icelandic kronur—about $1.5 million—is the expected cost of the two weeks of filmin in Iceland.

The end of the article promises some interviews in the coming days, including one with the executive producers. Something to keep an eye out on, to say the least.

As to the video? They mention some characters that survive in the novels won’t survive the show. Hrm…

At a guess, some of the members of the Night’s Watch who do survive later into the series—characters such as some of Jon’s fellow cadre of former-recruits—may well have their days numbered for this second season.