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John Stahl is Rickard Karstark

George has updated his post to confirm our speculation: Scottish actor John Stahl is now Lord Rickard Karstark. Lines for Lord Rickard were given guest actor Steven Blount last season, but it appears Karstark has been upgrade to being a “major role” this season. Stahl is a veteran of stage and screen, and should do very admirably in the role.

And speaking of major roles? George reveals that “the major roles” for this season are now all cast, with various “smaller roles” still being cast in London, Belfast, and Dublin. What’s left? Qhorin Halfhand, certainly. Beyond that, I couldn’t say, but I’m starting to worry about the Tullys being excised entirely this season (not just the Blackfish, who seems to be a goner for sure, but also Hoster and Edmure), and ... when are we going to hear about a certain smelly servant?