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Limited Edition Inside Game of Thrones

This is quite cool.

The HBO Store (in the US)  has a special set of Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones (Pre-order: Amazon US, Amazon UK) with bookplates signed by story editor, writer, and all-around good guy Bryan Cogman… some very special additional goodies: two of HBO’s maps (there’s a map I saw them making when I visited the production office that I’m still hoping to see published some day, but these are pretty good—if not accurate to what the official Lands of Ice and Fire map set (Pre-order: Amazon US, Amazon UK) will be revealing), and perhaps much more interestingly, a portfolio featuring never-before-published storyboards from storyboard and concept artist Will Simpson. Simpson’ll be at Titancon in Belfast tomorrow, so maybe there’ll be some questions about the storyboards that will be in the portfolio.