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Making Game of Thrones: Harrenhal Guards

There’s a new post from Cat Taylor at Making Game of Thrones. The content of it has to do with the practical clothing choices one must make when working on location—as she presently is, in chilly Iceland—but what piques our interest is the image accompanying it.

It doesn’t feature Iceland at all. Instead, it’s a look at several extras as guards for the castle at Harrenhal, with the set glimpsed in the background. They have an interesting look—quite uniform, and rather dark, with gambesons under brigandines and bits of plate . Of course in the novel, there’s no formal guard remaining as such, so whether or not this is a sign of some changes in the details of Harrenhal’s status is an interesting question.

Speaking of Cat Taylor, she tweeted that the production is shifting location, moving away from Höfn on the edge of the Vätnajokull glacier and to some new, as-yet-undisclosed location.