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Making Game of Thrones: Renly’s Armor

Just as with the early look at Loras Tyrell’s armor last season, this video has to be one of my favorite’s so far, focusing as it does on Simon Brindle’s armor design for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Here’s the video:

Also, some very good looks at Brienne’s armor! What to say about the armor? While I would have loved to see a full plate suit to match Loras’s, but enameled or otherwise done in forest green as in the novel—with the golden-antlered helm and all—this choice of a velvet cloth-covered brigandine is fanastic. Such garments really did exist in the Middle Ages—even becamse somewhat fashionable—and they were incredibly protective at the highest levels (I recall the account of a nobleman dragged down by rebellious peasants who proved practically impervious from the stabs of their knives and blows of other weapons). It is indeed stylish, and captures Renly’s personality quite well.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, we’re getting a glimpse of the staging of a very significant scene for Renly and Brienne. Nifty.