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More Glimpses of Dubrovnik Filming

What can we say? The production’s decision to be quite open with local press has paid dividends for fans—to the point where some fans are feeling like the proverbial kid in the candy shop who’s sick to the stomach. We can’t say if this is too much of a good thing, all this photography and film of the Game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik, so we’ll let you decide by sharing a few more pieces… including an excellent 1080p video showing some filming from pretty close up.

First, that video, from Nikola Čakelić:

He also took a few photos. Take note of the first one in particular: not only is executive producer and writer David Benioff in close foreground… but check out what’s on the left side of the image: a severed arm!

At a guess, this will be used when Sandor severs the arm of a rioter trying to grab at Sansa.

A heap of additional photos can be found here, here (good shots of Lena Headey, Rory McCann, and more), and here (similar to the previous, with some images missing and others added).

The word in Dubrovnik is that the production there will be wrapping up in a couple of weeks. And, at a guess, most of the Kings Landing exterior filming may be nearly wrapped. Daniel Portman, the actor cast as Podrick Payne—who’ll be Tyrion’s new squire—tweeted that he was going to Belfast today for two weeks of filming. Given that we expect nearly all of his scenes will be shared with Peter Dinklage, we have to imagine Dinklage will be leaving Dubrovnik this week, if he hasn’t done so already.

Does this mean we’ll finally start seeing some Qartheen-set exterior shoots, photographed in detail by fans and press alike, if the King’s Landing exteriors are being wrapped up? We’ll have to wait and see. We’re certainly interested in seeing how the television show is depicting the exotic, ancient civilization of Qarth. We have had a glimpse of armored men that are probably Qartheen guards or something of the sort, which had a vaguely Indian flair (mostly due to the trousers), but more’s better in this case, at least.

And for something a wee bit lighter, here’s fan Miljen Matijasevic ‘s photos from Dubrovnik, where he spotted several of the show’s stars—including a very friendly Emilia Clarke, who posed for a few photos with him and his friends.